Low Vision Glasses

Low Vision Glasses

If you are struggling with everyday activities due to Low Vision caused by macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, or other inoperable vision conditions, biopic low vision glasses may be right for you. At Schoenbart Vision Care we have seen great results. There is nothing more important to us than giving you back your independence. We understand that not being able to perform simple tasks such as reading and driving is frustrating, and we will help you once again enjoy these activities. 

There are two types of Low Vision eyeglasses, microscopic and telescopic. Microscopic lenses are added to your regular reading glasses and allow you to concentrate on small print or details. Telescopic glasses are small, mounted binoculars for walking and driving. As there are complex optics involved with Low Vision, it is necessary for a thorough examination to determine your specific level of magnification, and to allow us to customize options for your level of activity.

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What are Telescopes for Low Vision?

Bioptic telescopes glasses for low vision patients are customized miniature telescopes mounted in the lens of your glasses.

For years this technology has been used by dentists, surgeons, and diamond dealers to provide enhanced vision.

With technology allowing for further miniaturization, telescopic glasses have become an integral part of enhancing day to day life for people with low vision.

The glasses are tailored to your vision needs and have incredible success at opening up the possibilities to go shopping, play cards, and watch television once again.

How Do I Get Telescope Glasses?

The first step is to contact our office for a phone consult with our eye doctor to see if telescopic glasses are right for you. If our eye doctor has determined that you are a candidate, then you will be asked to come in for a thorough low vision eye exam with our eye doctor.

During the eye exam, our eye doctor will talk in detail about the process of acquiring your new telescopic glasses. Generally the cost of the exam is covered by your insurance, however, the glasses are usually not.

Because the telescopic glasses are customized and using advanced technology they are higher priced than traditional glasses. Costs for the glasses are usually between $1500-$3000 dollars, a worthwhile investment to regain your independence.

E-Scoop Glasses

E-Scoop glasses are specially patented glasses that are engineered to provide slight magnification, increased contrast, and overall improved center vision by shifting the image away from the part of your eye with impaired vision, to the healthier part of your eye.

The E-scoop is considered the step between regular glasses and telescopes.

While generally they are recommended for patients with mild-moderate macular degeneration, even some of our patients with more advanced macular degeneration have found the E-scoop to be a big improvement.

The E-Scoop has 5 properties:

  1. Unique lens thickness for slight magnification
  2. Curvature for slight magnification
  3. High contrast yellow filter to reduce contrast
  4. Anti reflective coating to reduce glare
  5. Prism to shift the image to the area of the eye with best vision

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